California Personal Injury 101

Getting hurt can feel unfair. Someone else was careless, not you, but you’re the one paying for it. Now, you’re facing serious injuries and trauma, not to mention the expenses. Now, you need help getting through your injury claim with the compensation you deserve. 

Fortunately, you have the right guidance on your side. While I’m not a lawyer, I understand the laws you’re up against. If you were injured in California, read on to better understand your claim and what you can do about your suffering. 

What Is a Personal Injury Claim? 

When you’re hurt in an accident, you might not even be sure that you have grounds for a personal injury claim. That’s especially true if you’re not sure whether you’d be held responsible for the accident. So, what is a personal injury? 

This claim type covers claims where someone has injured you because they were careless with your safety. So, if they had followed the rules and done their basic duty of care, you would not have been injured. 

For example, let’s say you were in a car accident. If the other driver was drinking or distracted, they weren’t acting carefully enough to protect you from a serious injury. Otherwise, a product may have been faulty because a manufacturer didn’t ensure it was safe. 

In these cases, you were injured because another person wasn’t acting with care. Now, you’ll need to take your claim to court, but it won’t be simple. You’ll need to do more than show that the person was acting carelessly. 

Legal Concerns About Injury Claims

When you file a personal injury claim, you’ll need to ensure you’re following the law as well. For example, you might not be eligible for compensation if you wait too long. You’ll have only two years to file a claim in California before your claim is dismissed. 

You’ll also need to consider your part in the accident. If the defense claims that you were partly responsible for your claim, you could lose part of your compensation. While you’ll still be able to recover some compensation, it can affect how much money you’ll receive to help you deal with your injuries. 

What You Can Do About Your Claim

When you’re injured, it’s easy to get overwhelmed about your claim. You might be starting out without an injury attorney in San Diego, leaving you feeling confused and alone. Fortunately, you’ll have opportunities for compensation and a full recovery. 

These are only the first steps, though. There are several types of personal injury claims, and that can make your claim confusing. That’s why I’m focused on providing the information you need to recover. 

I may not be able to help in the courtroom, but I want to see more people making informed decisions. By having the information you need to get started, you can go into your consultation with an attorney understanding where you stand. That way, you know how to handle your claim, putting the power and the decisions in your hands, too.